MortarStone FundsHow do I assign a Fund to a Location?

How do I assign a Fund to a Location?

Select "FUNDS" from the navigation bar:

Next, select "Funds" from the fly-out menu: 

Select the Fund that you want to assign to a particular location. In this example, the "Building Fund" needs to be assigned to the "East Campus." 

Select the "pencil" icon (the edit feature):

Select "Location" to reveal the options from the dropdown menu : 

Select "East Campus" then, "Submit":  

If you do not see the "Location" you want to assign the Fund to,  simply add this location. For information on how to do this, please see "How do I add, edit or delete a location?"

From this screen you can also assign households to a "Location" based upon their giving. To do this, select the "Fund Rule:" you want prior to clicking "Submit". In the example below, all households whose last gift was to the "Building Fund" will be assigned to the "East Campus" location.

You can also assign households to a location using an Excel or CSV file. For more information see "How do I assign a household to a location using a CSV file?"